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As well qualified and experienced Health and Safety Consultants our main objective is  to be of professional assistance to the Contractor or Developer in the interpretation of all relevant Regulations of the Health and Safety Act applicable to the Construction Industry in South Africa.  This includes  the implementation of all prescribed controls in order to ensure full compliance to  legislation, thereby facilitating a safe and productive working environment for the benefit of both employer and employee.


Fourič OHS Consultants would be more than pleased to assist you in your efforts to comply with all the prescribed legal requirements laid down on the construction industry.


The following would be services offered:

  • Preparation of Site Safety File for the Developer (Client), Principle Contractor and/or Sub-Contractor

  • Ensure that all required registers are in place and filled as needed

  • Register the project with Department of Labour (Notification of Construction Work)

  • Preparation of Section 37(2) mandatory agreements with all sub-contractors

  • Appointments of all sub-contractors

  • Safety Induction for all employees on site

Our areas of expertise will be:

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and all Regulations

  • Health related Regulations (Asbestos, lead, Biological Agents and Noise)

  • General Administrative Regulations

  • Facility Regulations

  • Machinery related Regulations (General, Driven, Electrical Machinery and Installations, Lifts and Escalators, Vessels under Pressure)

  • Construction Regulations

  • General Safety Regulations

  • Environmental Regulations in the Workplace

  • Major Hazard Installations

  • Hazard identification and Risk Assessment

  • OHS Legal Compliance Auditing

  • Oversee the erection and dismantling of scaffolding to a height of 26 meters

  • Weekly inspection and issuing of adjustment notices to scaffolding 

  • Health and Safety Foundations

  • Health and safety Policy

  • Organizational Health and Safety responsibilities

  • Promoting a positive Health and Safety Culture

  • Risk Assessment

  • Principles of Control

  • Monitoring, review and audit

  • Occupational incident and accident investigation, recording and reporting

  • Movement of people and vehicles – hazards and control

  • Manual and Mechanical handling – hazards and control

  • Work equipment – hazards and control

  • Electrical – hazards and control

  • Fire – hazards and control

  • Chemical and biological health hazards and control

  • Physical and Psychological health hazards and control

  • Construction activities – hazard and control

  • International Labour Organization conventions, legal framework, examples and summaries

  • Construction law and management

  • Construction site issues hazards and control

  • Working at heights hazards and control

  • Excavation Work – hazards and control

  • Demolition – hazards and control

  • International Construction Legislation (ILO)


Our Safety Files are of the highest standard and  our files have been approved by large developers such as WBHO , Improvon (Pty) Ltd and Ekurhuleni Local Municipality  as well as various mining companies.



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