Fourič Occupational Health & Safety Consultants 
functions  as  a well established Occupational
Health, Safety & Environmental
service provider
to mainly the Construction Industry within South Africa.



Occupational Health & Safety is still a relatively new concept to most in the Construction Industry.  With the Promulgation of the new Construction Regulations of 2014 and the existence of the OSH Act, Act 85 of 1993, clients and principal contractors have now been forced to adhere to these legal requirements in order to make the Construction Industry a safer, better and more profitable industry for all role players involved. Being part of this process and also understanding the responsibilities of both clients and contractors, owner Jaco Fourie saw the need to aid employers in the maize of legislation that impacts every project.

Fourič OHS & Labour Consultants strive to create a better understanding and awareness of the current Safety, Health & Environmental issues facing the industry amongst Clients, Engineering Services and Principal Contractors. For us it is imperative that a sound relationship is maintained amongst all parties involved to ensure the effective implementation of Health, safety & Environmental Management Systems on all contracts.

We here at  Fourič OHS & Labour Consultants are fully aware and understand both the challenges and frustrations that currently exist within the industry. It has become clear that managers all over the industry are finding it increasingly difficult to include Health and Safety management with their other Key Performance Areas. Because of this, Health and Safety is understandably often deemed as of lesser importance than production. It is important however to realise that, apart from being mandatory, compliance with legislation is also to the advantage of the employer in cases of labour disputes or workplace related claims.

Fourič OHS & Labour Consultants are therefore committed to ensure the compliance and adherence to:

  • The requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993

  • The Construction Regulations (GNR.1010 of 7 February 2014)

  • The General Administrative Regulations (GNR.929 of 25 June 2003)

  • The General Safety Regulations (GNR.1031 of 30 May 1986)

  • The Safety Specification of the client

  • The Environmental Condition in the Workplace Regulations

  • All other relevant legislation regarding the wellbeing and safety of employees while in service of your company

  We understand the importance of Production, Cost and Time.  So let us help you to keep it simple, yet Safe !


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