About us

Welcome to
Ribbons & Roses Training Centre, a place of beauty and Charisma; a place where dreams are dreamed and, through hard work and commitment, become reality;
a place that revolves around the most treasured breed of horse in the world: the Arabian. 

 Our promise is simple.
We will do what is right.
We’ll provide
The best product,
The best service,
The best program.
We will serve our clients
and continue to do so,
Never forgetting the
Solid values
Of hard work,
Fair play,
And honesty
That have brought us so far success.
So whether it’s our
Product, our services,
Our people


Count on us
To do what’s right!

We invite you now to explore our website and our
breathtaking collection of Arabian horses...

Ribbons & Roses
Training Centre
 is currently based at Azrek Arabian Stud